Okay, so Thursday I have to be in court to answer for ticket I received for doing something I did not even know was against the law.

Here’s the scenario:


There was a funeral procession going through town when I was leaving a parking lot. Also pulling out of this parking lot were two other cars in front of me. We each turned out and tailed the end of the procession. Well, some people will take advantage of ANY situation and both vehicles in front of me immediately turned on their flashers to make people think they were part of this funeral. Well, we ride through town for about a mile or two before coming to the MAJOR intersection as the map above shows. Well as the procession continued straight, I got over into the right hand turn lane to proceed to the light for my turn. This action caused me to pass the two cars in front as me as well as the last one of the procession while two others were going under the light. I stopped and looked as if I were yielding under normal circumstances and as the last “actual” car went under the light I proceeded with my turn. Only to have the tailing officer, you know, the one near the front that pulls aside at each light to control traffic til the last car passes only to race back to the front for the next light? Yeah, him … came after me hard.

So, I immediately pull over, confused. The officer comes to my window and I ask him, “Sir, was what I did there wrong?” And he says, “what did you do?” DER…. I said, “turning at the end of that funeral?” He says, “yes…” and starts to not just inform me of the law but lecture me about how rude I am. I was polite and just kept smiling so as not to cry because I was already having a lousy day, but I was not being rude.

First of all, I have ALWAYS been one to pull to the side and wait for a funeral to pass AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS A LAW! I have done it out of respect. I have even removed my hat when wearing one and taught three step-sons to do the same. I give respect as my elders taught me. But I was at the end of this procession and at best there was one car left. The other two came out of the parking lot I did, which just so happened to be the county jail visitation lot!

SO… I understand that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but it sure should have a little leeway in this situation. Especially since my record is CLEAN. It’s been 20 years since I’ve gotten a ticket. So, come on, tell me, am I wrong? If so, tell me, I can handle it!



I just love candy bars ~ how about you? See how many of these candy bars you can name from looking at one half. I will post the answers tomorrow afternoon unless someone names them all correctly first. Happy Chocolate Craving! Image


1. Almond Joy        5. Twix                     9. 3 Musketeers

2. Mounds                6. KitKat                 10. Snickers

3. Butterfinger        7. Rolo                    11. Milky Way

4. Carmello               8. Baby Ruth        12. Payday

PERIO??? WHAT? Periomenopause or Menopause Makes No Difference

ImageIt ALL sux! And this picture describes the symptoms SOOO well! But they can bag that periomenopause (the symptoms of menopause before actual menopause) crap. Since when did menopause suddenly not start until the menstrual cycle has stopped?! My entire family on both sides has seen at least three generations that I know of where every single blood female relative has had prolonged menopause lasting upwards to 10 years and ALL ended up having to have an emergency hysterectomy in the end anyway. And I am into my 6th year of suffering through these awful hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and my cycles getting heavier and more painful each month. Why can’t they just look at my family history on BOTH sides and say, “Looks like we should just go ahead and put an end to your suffering as it is 98.9% probability we’ll have to do the surgery in the long run.” I would be at the hospital so fast, they’d have to stop theirs heads from spinning to do the surgery.

Oh well, guess my sufferings not over yet. In time, in time….

But, while we’re here, I’ve got one of those”HMMM” questions. You know the kind people ask not actually expecting an answer, but more to make you go , “HMMMM????” so it can bug you like it has been them. LOL I you remember who Gallagher, the watermelon comedian, is – he was infamous for asking “HMMM” questions.

So, anyways, my question is this – Why do thy call it ‘menoPAUSE‘?  It doesn’t pause at that point in life – it stops. So why not call it ‘menoSTOP‘? Shouldn’t times like pregnancy be menopause? Or maybe the time between monthly cycles but when it’s done? Seems a bit mixed up to me?

Well, there: I feel better already. I am having a BAD menopause symptom loaded day and thought I might feel better if I came online and picked at it! And I do so until next topic….outta here!!!

Not Just Another Blog!

Welcome to my blog, keepin it real 4 real, where you will soon find, this is definitely not just another blog!

For my first entry, I’d like to share a little more about myself. I have personally found that I am more apt to follow a blog if I have a little bit of an idea who the person is behind it.

First, the basics. I am an early 40’s woman born and raised in the south. Georgia, specifically. However, I would have to say I am not what one would refer to as a ‘southern belle‘. Not by a long shot; I am much more of a rebel Georgia peach. That is not to mean I am uneducated, as many would like to presume many southerners are. Quite the contrary. I am a very intelligent woman with an IQ above average and the common sense to match. I am very wise to the ways of the world as I have gained wisdom beyond my years having experienced many hardships along my journey and overcame a diverse amount of obstacles.  I imagine over time I will share some of those herein. As of this moment in time, I have no idea what my expectations are in doing this. I came here without any kind of intent as to what I would blog about. Just seemed like the thing to do, and the rest, I expect, will come as I go along. We shall see.

Back to the basics… I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. The oldest is a couple of months shy of being 25 years old. Her name is Cheri, and she is currently a student studying to become a teacher, married to Billy(although separated off and on for last 2 years) and has three children of her own. Three of my most beautiful and wonderful blessings ever known also called my grandchildren; they are Joseph, 8, Caleb, 5 and Ruthie, almost 4. Then the fourth most beautiful and wonderful blessing ever known is my other granddaughter, Kristina, who will be 2 in January and the daughter of my baby girl, Felicia, who is less than a month from being 23 years old. Felicia is a pre-school teacher with a daycare and is engaged to Kristina’s father, James. When they marry, I will inherit two more beautiful, wonderful grandchildren, Alison, almost 15 and Austin, almost 3.

As far as my personality goes, I am very outspoken, opinionated, and honestly blunt. I have a very sarcastic way about me and sarcastic wit as well. It is not a chosen personality trait for me, I was born this way… and believe me, if I could have changed it, momma would’ve smacked it out of me many years ago. Lord knows she tried hard enough. 🙂  I talk A LOT! When I was younger, I’d tell folks that I liked to talk. I really don’t like to talk anymore. It just seems that I do. Heck, I don’t even need someone to talk to… I carry on amazing conversations with me, myself and I.  I am who I am. And it took alot of years to figure out just who I was and that was followed by a period of time that called for much personal growth and change so that I could finally reach the point to be able to say and MEAN that I love me, I like who I am and either you like me or you don’t.  And for most, it’s one or the other. No shades of gray here except on my head. The way I see it, if you like me, hang around because my life is better than paid entertainment. And if you don’t, I’m okay with that – doesn’t bother me in the least. As long as you get out of my space. Seriously, if you don’t like me then why hang around in my space? Being in my way, telling me on a regular basis what you don’t like about me isn’t going to make me change myself to accommodate you, but in time, it will piss off my last nerve and then I’m going to have to pull the ugly on you and I really don’t want to do that when it would be so much easier for you to just go away. There’s somebody out there you will like and heaven knows plenty of them will at the least pretend to be what you want them to be. Go find them. ONLY REAL FOLKS make it very long in my world.

And there’s a whole lot of folk that call themselves real that wouldn’t know real if it had on spiked heels and tap danced on their face.

Real – as defined by me and expected from those in my life is raw, true, all bullshit aside reality. I don’t sugarcoat things, I don’t see any damn bush so I sure as hell don’t beat around one. I don’t read between the lines so I don’t speak between them either. I don’t drop hints and I don’t catch them very often either. Life has a way of keeping me jumping on my toes on a consistent basis. I never know what it’s going to throw at me next and I’m too tired and too busy dealing with life to try to play games or figure out what people are trying or not trying to tell me. For mercy sakes, just spit it out already. I don’t get why its so hard for people to just say what they mean and mean what they say. I do. My favorite reply when asked a question regarding anything about someone else is to ask them, “Do you really want to know, or are you looking for me to tell you what you want to hear?’ Cause don’t ask me if you’re not looking for the blunt and to the point answer. I don’t go around just offering out my opinions to others and never, ever set out to offend or hurt the feelings of another but I will answer any question asked with the truth as I see it. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent. And I do it that way because thats the way I WANT it done for me. If I ask my girlfriend, “Do theses pants make my ass look fat?” I expect her to tell me, “why hell no, your ass makes your ass look fat.” And if she’s in a jolly good mood, a follow up along the lines of, “ but your ass sure makes them pants look like they are struggling for any escape from the quiet strangulation they are enduring everytime you move,,,, Please end the torture….” And I won’t get my feelings all hurt. Crack up laughing maybe, but not offended… Why? Cause its real…. I’m 5′ tall and over 200 lbs, my ass makes all pants look tortured and my ass doesn’t “look” fat – my ass IS fat!

So, there’s a beginning for you to chew on – you’ll know if you’re coming back or not before you close out the tab.

And, by the way, been told that I write the same as if I were speaking it to you, and I’m sure you can see I tend to go traveling off on things that wind me up miles from where I started. That’s normal and it will happen regularly.

And I am currently married to my 6th – yes, 6th not a typo- husband as of next month for 5 years, plus another 5 years prior to that of being best friends. I have 4 dogs, well, he has three and I have one but all four have become family since our marriage. His are outside and mine is the one indoor dog, only the second to EVER live inside my house and FIRST to ever sleep in my bed let alone under my covers but he’s my baaaabbbbbyyyy.  Our dogs, in the order we got them are,  almost 8 year old Rott, Dixie, 2 year old  Pit, Ali,  1 and 1/2 year old ratchi (rat terrier/chihuahua mix), my baaaabbbbbyyyy, BRUISER, and just turned one year old pit, Sam.

Until next time…. bye now!